Here we are, at the Panera in Orlando near UCF checking e-mail because our DSL modem got fried by the daily lightning storm within the first hour. Another should arrive tomorrow. The weekend was spent unpacking a tiny fraction of an unreasonably large number of boxes. Movie reviews of Live Free or Die Hard (liked it: a guilty pleasure), Ratatouille (liked it surprisingly much), and Transformers (um, whatever) coming shortly. Unfortunately too many things to do with unpacking and with finishing a proposal due this Thursday to post much more at the moment. I feel like we’re just now getting plugged back into the world after two weeks in a strange sort of limbo.

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Planetary Scientist and Asst. Professor of Physics at University of Central Florida; Movie Buff; Trekkie; Jethro Tull fanatic; part-time actor, piano player, writer; and full-time husband and father.

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