I’m at the Cassini Project Science Group meeting in Pasadena this week, so my morning hotel routine involves motel buffet breakfast in the room in front of the morning news. At 7:00 a.m. I started with CBS’s “The Early Show”. In their lead-in to the morning’s news, they made a big deal about a picture of a fire where the shape of the flame bears a zeroth order resemblance to blob with a pointy thing at the top and a pointy thing at the side that some people have decided looks like former Pope John Paul II with a pointy hat and a pointy finger blessing someone. The anchors were quite excited at this amazing occurrence, so I promptly changed the channel to “The Today Show” on NBC where I was treated to the exact same nonsense. This is not only not news, it’s not anything. This was taken from video meaning either 30 frames of footage per second (NTSC) or 25 (Pal/SECAM), so if someone filmed this fire for even only one minute, there are over 1500 pictures of fire to choose from, and probably many more. I’m more surprised they couldn’t come up with a frame that showed a stronger resemblance to something.

I mentioned the upcoming insult to the state of the civilization with NBC’s “Phenomenon” earlier, but Lifetime apparently beat them to the punch. Check out the Skepchick’s hilarious review of their psychic show.

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  1. What do you expect from these channels? They are succeeding in turning everyone who watches them into idiots. Watch real news. Look for them on the internet or stick to Jon Stewart and Colbert.

  2. But Daddy… it’s not JUST a flame… it’s a POINTY flame… because the pope’s hat is pointy… get it? They just need to explain everything to us stupid liberals.

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