The warm glow I felt after watching the latest episode of my favorite TV show, The Office, was quickly extinguished by an ad for a new TV show on NBC that would, if I were a man of principle, make me boycott the network. Billed as a reality show, “Phenomenon” is co-hosted by charlatan Uri Geller who will judge contestants’ magic tricks. Not having seen the show, I will reserve judgment on just how misleading and misguided the show is. According to, the co-host Criss Angel, a traditional magician “will lend a more skeptical voice to the proceedings.” But also according to tvweek, NBC will both invite viewers to figure out how tricks are accomplished and figure out “whether any of the mentalists might have actual psychic talent.” Groan.

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  1. There was a secret on postsecret last week that said “i am a well respected medium, but I’ve never spoken to a dead person. Neither have any of the other mediums I know. We’re all frauds.” Or something along those lines. So at least they know it’s fake. ^_^

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