To those of you screaming about the rising national debt, where were you when President George W. Bush cut taxes and spent hundreds of billions of dollars invading a country that had nothing to do with the attacks of September 11 (to quote Bush himself) and posed no threat to the United States?

To those of you screaming about a government “takeover” of health care, why are you not screaming about government control of higher education in the form of state colleges and universities, government control of transportation in the form of the federal interstate system, or government control of commerce in the form of the United States Postal Service?

The cost of the Obama health care proposal is $900 billion over 10 years. $90 billion per year, or about 75 cents per day per American, so that in what I imagine you like to consider to be the greatest country on the planet, everyone has access to basic health care. Health insurance companies are out to make a profit. The way to do that is not to cover sick people. What exactly is your objection to regulations on the industry preventing them from doing that? Also, please look up the word “option.”

This morning the news clips of marchers revealed a common refrain from the protesters: “We’ve had enough” they say. Enough of what? After all, you can still buy guns, and your taxes have been cut.

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  1. May I add? To those of you who are screaming and marching, why don’t you scream and march to those who are really screwing you up? insurance corporations who are making billions on your back, bank who are using and abusing your money, halliburton who is making billions of dollars from your own dollars, magnates who are filling their pockets on your gullibility????
    Please, check again and put your anger where anger should go

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