The announcement today by President Obama to direct federal agencies to begin opening vast tracts of offshore areas for oil exploration is exceedingly disappointing. The amount of oil: up to three years at current rates of consumption and two years worth of natural gas. Whoop-de-freaking-doo. The damage to the environment will last for decades, if it’s not irreversible. All that to postpone dealing with our oil problem by 2-3 years.

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  1. The wells won’t be drilled. This was a “shut them up” move. The BP disaster in the Gulf will ensure drilling slows down, and might well force Sarah Palin to put a sock in it.

    Not sure what to think about nuclear yet. Understand his reasoning for research into clean coal, which is likely an oxymoron. China is building coal-fired plants like WalMart builds stores, so any research that can ameliorate the carbonization/toxification of the atmosphere is a bit of a help, although it might be like sandbags for a tsunami.

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