Nearly a month since my last post due to two things: I haven’t seen a movie in a theater in that time, and it has been an insanely busy time at work. I am teaching a new course and have had a number of review writing and other deadlines. On the research front, work continues on the Microgravity Experiment on Dust Environments in Astrophysics, a somewhat awkward name that allows us to use the more convenient acronym MEDEA. I’ve created a Facebook group: The Colwell Research Group. This will have images, data, video, and other updates on my own research. Please look us up and “like” us if you’d like to follow along with our research activities.

On the Cassini front, we are now in the Cassini Solstice Mission: the second and final extension of the mission. However, this extension exceeds both the prime and first extension in total length, with a finale around lunch time (1:00 p.m. Eastern) on Friday September 15, 2017 as Cassini dives into Saturn’s atmosphere. For the next year and a half, though, Cassini is in Saturn’s equatorial plane meaning there won’t be much in the way of observations of the rings for a while.

Star Trek: I used to be an avid player and tournament director of the Star Trek Customizable Card Game. For a variety of reasons, including embezzlement at the company that made the game, it eventually stopped production. Recently I learned that a group including some of the game’s designers is keeping it alive and that there is a small but vibrant group of players here in Orlando. It is a great hobby and is now once again sopping up spare minutes of my time (and giving my head a much-needed diversion from work in the process).

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