I’ve been on sabbatical this past academic year, and while I didn’t plan to create a podcast at the start of the year, at some point along the way the idea of doing one with my friends and colleagues Addie Dove and Ashley Kehoe crept into my head. The main inspiration came from our regular coffee break “walkabouts” the UCF campus where the conversations were quick, fun, and stimulating. Yes, that’s what she said, and that’s the idea of Walkabout the Galaxy: astronomy news with a complete lack of respect for protocol. We are now available for subscription on iTunes: search for “Walkabout the Galaxy” or click here. We also have a website, and hopefully I will soon figure out how to put a subscription feed there as well. Episodes will be 20-25 minutes and we will be publishing one every 10-14 days. The first two, probably a bit rough around the edges, are available now. The awesome artwork is courtesy of Justin Bartel and the cool space music was composed by Richard Jerousek.

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Planetary Scientist and Asst. Professor of Physics at University of Central Florida; Movie Buff; Trekkie; Jethro Tull fanatic; part-time actor, piano player, writer; and full-time husband and father.

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