As might be clear from the long gap in post entries, I’m no stranger to procrastination. I frequently have cascading deadlines, and a mental triage determines what will get done more or less on time and what will be completed late. The regular tempo of academia dictates that some things get top priority. I will be in class at the appointed time. Exams will be ready for my students. Various reports and evaluations have immutable deadlines (usually those that have something favorable on the other side, such as a raise or promotion). So I surprised myself when I managed to propose, write, and publish a book in less than 6 months.

The book is published by the Institute of Physics, a publishing house in England that publishes the Astrophysical Journal, among many other scholarly journals. They also publish a series of ebooks called Concise Physics. Concise was the operative word that enabled me to complete the task of writing The Ringed Planet so quickly. That and having lived with Cassini for more than a quarter century.

Although it is primarily an ebook, the physical book is also available. For reasons I don’t fully understand, the price is a bit on the steep side considering the length of the book (142 pages, including lots of pictures). So for those of you checking in on this dormant blog, the cheapest way to get the physical book is directly from the publisher using discount code authorcoll which will get you 20% off, though you will have to pay for shipping. From Amazon you have to pay full price, but maybe you can get free shipping.

Now the question is whether it’s fair to say the book took less than 6 months to write, or if I have to count the 26 years of experiencing life with Cassini as background research. And the answer to that question will determine when my next book will be finished.

The cover of my first book for the IOP Concise Physics series.

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