I hope that my future never depends on eyewitness testimony. Years ago I heard about this study in The Skeptical Inquirer (among many others that scientifically demonstrate just how unreliable eyewitnesses are). A recent article in the New York Times provided this link to the original video. Watching it is even more incredible than I thought it would be on reading it. Knowing what the video is, the test doesn’t work, so I won’t say anymore here. Just watch the video and try to be sure to count every successfully completed pass of a basketball between people wearing white shirts only. The experiment only works if you concentrate on successfully counting the passes by the white team.

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Last week in southern California I was shopping for sunglasses and was confronted with a choice I hadn’t anticipated: polarized lenses, or pearized lenses? I played it safe and went for the polarized lenses, so if you need some of the hard-to-find and fruity pearized glasses, they might still be there at the Glendale Galleria.
funny sunglasses

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Here is the manatee that paid us a visit after the shuttle launch.
Manatee at Titusville dock

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