The different look for the blog is so I can have the pages links arranged across the top rather than along the side. This is something I’ve been procrastinating on for a while, but have wanted to do so I can put some of my essays on-line outside of the blog chronology. I’d like to try to get my trademark UV image of the rings in the banner at the top, but that is also a matter of procrastination. If you see it there, either I figured out how to do it with this Word Press theme or reverted to the old theme. In the meantime I started the Essays page with one I wrote a year ago after meeting Kate Winslet. Having just seen her most recent movie, Little Children (review to appear shortly), it seemed like as good a time as any to post it. Many of my other essays are either obscene, profane, or both, so I’m not sure I want those on-line.

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Posts will be sparse for the next couple of weeks while I’m on travel in Florida.

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